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And the winner is …

by Sue Dawson

WE HAVE a winner! A clear winner, in fact. As of this writing, with 92 “likes,” the easel sign that readers liked the best is:


This has been so interesting to me. A couple of my favorites came in second and third, but this was clearly the top choice, by almost 30 votes. Ironically, neither Alison nor I “get” this one. The “2013” in between the other words doesn’t make sense to me, and the “NEW” makes it redundant, I think. So, what to do? We respect the votes, and wanted to make this work.

Yesterday, in anticipation of the Arts District Stroll today, we hung our newest show. So I worked for awhile on the winning design. Just a tweak, I thought. I needed to alter it so we’d like it better, but stay in the spirit of the concept our readers like best. I came up with the following, with Alison standing behind my desk. “I was just about to suggest putting the “2013” in a serif,” she said as I did it. We’re usually in agreement about these things, so that confirmed it. We like it now:


Thanks for all of your great suggestions! I hope you like the end result. I’ll let you know if anyone stops in and asks where the New York photos are…

I’d love your feedback…

by Sue Dawson

IT’S TIME TO DESIGN my new easel sign for outside the gallery. We’re producing Alison’s latest photographs, and will be hanging them this Friday for our new show, and this Saturday’s Arts District Stroll (from 4 to 7 – hope to see you there). We got so many great suggestions and comments for my last blog post, that I decided to mock up most of them, and ask for your votes. If you haven’t read my last blog entry, please do, so you understand why I’m doing this! Our programmer, Heather, found these dandy little thumbs up/down thingies that make it easy to vote, and keep track of what you think. Today was the fun part – doing all the suggested designs and word combos. As I said in my last post, I like trying everything, even if I think I won’t like it. I’m always interested to see how suggestions look, and sometimes I’m surprised by my reactions to them. Design is a process.

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