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My new favorite



by Sue Dawson

I KNOW. How’d she get this shot?

Here’s what Alison said when I asked her that very question: “Can you hold on a second?”

You see, I’m writing this while Alison’s hanging this print on the main wall of the gallery. It’s face-mounted to plexi, backed by metal, and framed in a floater frame. We (that’s the royal we) need to screw cleats into the wall at the perfect spot. Our little gallery walls are all wonky, and not square. So it’s a challenge. 

I waited and asked again – How’d you get this shot?

“It’s a location that I didn’t even notice for years, living on the Island. There’s something about driving past it every single day, seeing it in all different weather conditions, different light, that over time became a bellwether. These days I’m addicted to this spot. The work I’m doing now is so subtle – in terms of color, quality of light – that I really started keying into the tiniest changes. The jetty is visible from the road, so I get an instantaneous read on all of the subtleties of wind, weather, and tide.

On that particular day, it was a combination of rough water, a midway tide, a storm cloud hanging overhead, and a little clearing on the horizon, that caught my attention. I acted quickly, as the conditions are always in flux. It took me all of three minutes to set up and shoot, and this is the result. If I didn’t check in so frequently, I’d have missed the nuances that make this photograph work.”

We’re hanging an all-new show tonight, for our Arts District Stroll tomorrow evening (Saturday, July 7, from 4 to 7pm). We’ll be serving food inspired by the 4th of July. We’re excited that my dad will be here to sign his new book of poetry – Alison took photos for the book, and I designed it. It’s truly been a labor of love all around, and is full of beautiful, thought-provoking poetry.

I think it’s time to crank up the Stevie Wonder – looks like it’ll be a long night… 🙂

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