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Join us on Saturday: Book launch, and P A R T Y

by Alison Shaw

I JUST DUSTED OFF some old binders of medium-format transparencies, did a little digging, made a few calculations, and realized I’ve been photographing the work of stonemason Lew French for nearly 25 years. Wow, talk about time flying. In the course of those 25 years Lew and I have spent countless hours together, traveled many thousands of miles to photograph his work, completed two book projects, and he even built a wonderful beach stone fireplace in our old Farm Pond house.

I’m proud to announce the launch of our second book together, Sticks and Stones, at our gallery this Saturday, August 65:00-7:00pm. Lew and I will be there to meet you and sign books.

Our first book together, Stone by Design, was published in 2007. Every single photo was shot on Martha’s Vineyard, where Lew had created all of his master stonework and gardens. Nearly 35,000 copies sold, and the book really put him on the map as not just a craftsman, but as an artist. CBS Sunday Morning did a fabulous segment about Lew, he’s been piling up awards and honors for his work, and he now has fans all over the world.

As a result, Lew’s not just a Martha’s Vineyard stonemason anymore. His well-deserved reputation has far exceeded the shores of the Island. So the stonework that graces the pages of Sticks and Stones took us to places like Brazil, the Adirondacks, Maine, Washington DC, Cape Cod and Boston.

My most memorable trip for this book was, without a doubt, my trip to Brazil in January 2015. I left the Island in near-zero temperatures, and photographed “sea smoke” on the ferry trip across Vineyard Sound  (caused by frigid air meeting slightly warmer water). You might need to “like” my Facebook page to see the video below:

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Yankee magazine featured photographer

I’M SO PLEASED to be Yankee Magazine‘s “featured photographer” for the month of July. The best part is a slideshow on Yankee’s site, with images from my newest book, To the Harbor Light.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Chilmark Book Festival interview

YOOJIN CHO INTERVIEWS me about my books Schooner and Photographing Martha’s Vineyard. I’m not loving how I look in the above still shot though!

Stone by Design slideshow

IF YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP Lew French’s book Stone by Design (with my photographs of his stonework), you should. Until then, Yankee Magazine has you covered with this slideshow of images from the book. Lew’s work is simply magical.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Discussion of Schooner on NPR’s The Point

Schooner Rebecca

BOAT DESIGNER Nat Benjamin discusses the creation of “Rebecca,” the boat that inspired our book Schooner. Writer Tom Dunlop and I talk about our work documenting the building of this amazing boat, and the labor of love this project was – from drawings to launch for Nat, and from film and reams of notes to a book we’re very proud of.

Listen to the audio here.

Lew French (and I) featured on CBS Sunday Morning

CBS NEWS SUNDAY MORNING did this wonderful segment on the book Stone by Design, featuring the artistry of Lew French, and a short interview with me as well.

CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt once did a segment on my first book, Remembrance and Light, with author Henry Beetle Hough and me – must’ve been 1984, when the book came out.

Lew French/Alison Shaw Interview

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