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Can’t help it but we’re creative …

A guest blog: by Eli Dagostino

FOR 25 YEARS Alison Shaw and her students have posed together for a group photo at the end of each of her fall photography workshops. Alison has always enlisted the help of her partner in crime (the workshop assistant) to take the photo. Last year was my first year assisting the internationally renowned fine-art master, and when I was put to the task of taking the traditional photo for our group, Alison made it clear that she didn’t want the shot rushed and that it definitely had to be something fun and creative.

I made the same mistake as assistants past and waited until one of the last days to take our group photo. We planned to shoot in Menemsha that evening, and I decided this would be a great time to get everyone together and quickly (without taking the students away from their shooting adventures) take THE shot. We notified the students in the morning and proceeded to put together a shot that night. It was eh….

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To know an island

A guest blog: by Kelsey Perrett

IT DOESN’T TAKE THAT LONG to see an island that’s less than 88 square miles. About a week, I would have guessed when I first moved to Martha’s Vineyard this May. All it really requires is one long drive down State Road, a stroll around downtown Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, maybe some sidetracking to hotspots like Menemsha, and you’re pretty much qualified to drive a tour bus.

One week, to see the island in its entirety. The length of an average summer vacation.  But how long to know an island? To come to understand the character of a place—its beauty and its quirks—in the same way you know your oldest friend?

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