Enough about us…

by Sue Dawson


WHAT ABOUT YOU? That’s what I keep thinking, as the 2014 gallery season is winding down. Alison’s on the Cape teaching her second of three workshops this fall. We’ve shifted our focus back to teaching, for the Vineyard off-season. Nine of our Mentorship students from last year are moving on to our Advanced Mentorship program, starting now. The last thing they did as Mentorship students was to send us a selection of their latest images, and a short bio or artist statement. We’ve added a new section to our website to highlight their accomplishments, and to tell you a little bit more about them. I highly recommend checking it out.

Our 2014-2015 Mentorship program starts in early November. I’ve got quite a list of people who’ve expressed interest in joining, and am about to start calling them back, to fill the 10 available spots. If your heart just leapt a bit, let’s talk.

That heart leap brings me back to my original question. What about you? If you take photographs yourself, what inspires you? If you’re more of an art viewer, my question is the same – what inspires you? We’re all looking for something within art, whether we’re producing it ourselves, or viewing art done by someone else. I’m just curious about that feeling you get when art really speaks to something inside of you. Think about when art resonates most deeply within, whether it’s visual, aural, experiential, emotional, spiritual, appreciation of a technique, or even fascination with the gear and mechanics of photos.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: What inspires you?

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