Whew, it’s been awhile…

by Sue Dawson

IT HAS BEEN a long winter on the Vineyard, and yet it’s flown by for us in some ways. I feel like I haven’t seen flowers in ages (our amazing landscapers just made our garden come alive!), and yet it feels like yesterday that we started our new mentorship program. Back in November, we began our first 6-month mentorship, all mapped out on 6 calendar pages taped together. What we didn’t map out was that Alison was also working on four books. Four. Yeah, she won’t be doing that again. One book at a time from now on.

Our 12 wonderful mentorship students have graciously let us continue with them for a bit. We need the time, to finish all we want to do – we are LOVING it, and loving them. I just posted the 2014-2015 mentorship pdf if you’re interested in joining us this November. I promise the next one will keep to the 6-month plan. And we’re creating a way for students to continue with us after they’ve finished the mentorship. More on that in June.

Alison’s shot some amazing photos this year. She always thinks she hasn’t done enough, and stresses out when it’s time to go through all the proofs and pick the first show. This year she outdid herself. So I went back to that sign I blogged about last year – the one we sit outside the gallery on an easel – and decided to change the wording. No more “NEW WORK” that some folks read as “NEW YORK.” I’m so done with that. It’s time for the 2014 concept. Let me know what you think…


We’re having our first opening reception tomorrow (Saturday, May 24th) from 4 to 7pm. Come see the “NEW photographs” – hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

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  1. Lil says:

    Can we know more about the books? Pretty please?

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