Look Inside


by Tom Dunlop
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by Vineyard Stories, Design by Sue Dawson
Hardcover. 9.25" x 11.25", 160 pages

The dramatic and beautiful telling in words and photos of how a wooden schooner joins the past with the present through the dedication of master craftsmen.

“An exquisitely beautiful book…that will call you again and again.”
    – Jon Wilson, Editor, Wooden Boat magazine

Schooner takes you through the construction of Rebecca of Vineyard Haven, a sixty-foot wooden schooner designed and built by one of the few boatyards in the United States devoted exclusively to the design, construction and repair of traditional wooden boats. At the time Rebecca was constructed, she was the largest sailing vessel built on the Island of Martha's Vineyard since the election of Abraham Lincoln and the only boat of her type being built anywhere in the world. In words and extraordinary photos, you learn that every part of Rebecca is built or cast by hand by the few craftsmen in the world who still do this work. She is, as one of her builders calls her, poetry on water. Jon Wilson of Wooden Boat magazine calls this book "exquisitely beautiful." And singer James Taylor, whose boat was the first one built at the yard, labels the work being done there "astonishing." In a world that puts the word "disposable" in front of everything from cash to razors, the story that Schooner shows and tells will appeal to boat lovers, book lovers, and everyone who cares about the skill required to build something significant and useful and lovely, not just for today and tomorrow, but for the ages.”
    – from the cover of Schooner

“(The work) of an astonishing master.”

    – James Taylor, owner of a Gannon and Benjamin boat

“This is a grand coffee table book that can feed your visual hunger, your historical interests, and your love of wooden boats.” Read full review

    – Martha’s Vineyard Times

“In words and photography equally sharp and stunning, this story takes the reader from drawings to launch of Rebecca of Vineyard Haven.”

    – Cruising World magazine