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Sea Hammock
I love to photograph boats. I grew up with them – a family sailboat in which we cruised the Chesapeake Bay and beyond, a Jet-14 which I raced, and then there was always a rowboat to mess around in. And I didn’t just hang out in boats as a kid. I also did artwork with boats as my subject, whether it was a pen and ink sketch of Edgartown Regatta, or a watercolor of the fishing dragger Little Lady sitting at her dock in Menemsha.

Photographing boats was a natural result of my personal interest in them. One of my all-time favorite boat commssions was photographing Sea Hammock, a Trumpy yacht that was spending the summer in Vineyard Haven Harbor.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Sea Hammock and other Trumpy-designed and built boats are not your average modern-day yachts. They belong to an exclusive “club” of classically designed and meticulously crafted luxury yachts, recognizable by the distinctive gold flourish and letter “T” prominently displayed on their bows. The most famous of these yachts is the Sequoia, a 104-foot, 1925 Trumpy yacht that has served Presidents from Herbert Hoover up until Jimmy Carter decided to sell it in a cost-cutting measure.

Sea Hammock’s owner commissioned me to photograph his boat, with the goal of producing large framed prints to hang on his office walls. He left the style up to me – I chose primarily to shoot details or portions of the boat rather than putting the emphasis on a single overall “portrait” of Sea Hammock.

I photographed Sea Hammock as she sat tied up at dock, and when she occasionally went out for a spin in the harbor, but by far the highlight for me was being invited along for the ride when she left Vineyard waters and headed south at the end of the summer season. This on-board, at-sea experience gave me new photographic perspectives on Sea Hammock, as well as an adventure in its own right. I reluctantly left the boat once she reached Manhattan, although I was sorely tempted to continue on to Florida! 

Clients hire Alison for her unique photographic vision – strong graphics, vivid colors, simple bold compositions, and a beautiful use of available light. She works hard to capture her subjects in ideal light, under the best weather conditions available to her. She also does her research, often getting access to areas that aren't easily found, which brings unusual perspectives on her subjects.

We're happy to discuss all commissions – especially those where clients are hiring Alison to shoot with her own instinctive style. Alison retains all rights to her photos, sometimes selling them as fine art prints in our gallery.

For more information, please email Alison, or call us at the studio 508-693-4429.