Beth Horstman

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Queenstown, MD
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I was raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania on a small farm with sheep and dogs. My vision was shaped by the various influences of my family. My mother was a talented gardener, whose mom died when she was young. After such loss, nurturing family became her life’s work. My dad, a veterinarian, helped animals through life and death, always seeming to know when to let nature take its course. My eldest sibling is mentally handicapped. With him, we had to be able to go with the flow. I learned that we are only in control of our own approach to life, how we react to things we can’t control. As a result, my sister and I tend to accept things for what they are, and work with them.

Having spent many childhood vacations, my college years, and weekends with my husband and children on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we moved to a farm in the area a few years ago. With my camera, I am exploring places both familiar and new, and am enjoying the adventure.

We are in the process of converting from conventional farming to organic. I have volunteered for the task of mowing seventy acres of fields. Each time it’s four hours on the tractor. I turn on music, and my mind wanders. There’s more out there than you realize, when you start uncovering things. I get to observe how Mother Nature has a reason for everything, from weather, to plants regenerating themselves, to the way wildlife can live together or not. It reminds me that she is in charge and inspires me to capture a glimpse of her wisdom. It seems that life comes full circle.

In our daily lives, there’s so much clamor. My path to the acceptance I’ve learned throughout my life is to look for the calm. It enables me to find balance both emotionally and artistically. For me, visual clutter represents the clamor that invades everyday life. So my aim is to keep my compositions simple. I concentrate my efforts on isolating subjects using fog, perspective, and framing, to keep out distractions that clutter the image. My prints are either black and white – for its simplicity, in that color itself can distract – or desaturated color images, which give me that soft visual calm. As my sister and I always say, “one thing at a time.” 

All images are limited editions of 50

Small rectangle
print $150 (image 12 x 8)
matted $195 (20 x 16; image 12 x 8)
framed $375 (20 x 16; image 12 x 8; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Medium rectangle
print $300 (image 18 x 12)
matted $375 (26 x 20; image 18 x 12)
framed $675 (26 x 20; image 18 x 12; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Small Square
print $145 (image 10 x 10)
matted $175 (15 x 15; image 10 x 10)

Medium Square
print $200 (image 15 x 15)
matted $275 (20 x 20; image 15 x 15)

Custom orders available as matted or print only; framed prints on gallery wall are for sale.