Beth Horstman

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IG: bethhorstmanphotography
Queenstown, MD & Vineyard Haven, MA
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Time on or by the water was part of my life growing up. Our parents took us to beaches often, on vacation and sailing trips. I have always found it both exciting and soothing to catch sight of the water while approaching our vacation destinations. When you see the water and smell the salt air, you’re almost there. It is that feeling I seek to capture with my camera.

I currently live on a river on the Chesapeake Bay, so I see the water first thing every morning. During the spring, summer and fall, I make a point of getting to the Vineyard as often as I can, and I always get that same thrill approaching Woods Hole.

Years ago, my family drove out to Wasque and surf cast every summer. My husband and I still go, mostly in a small skiff. While I’m a novice and fair-weather participant, I love fishing the rip on Middle Ground in Vineyard Sound. You start on the calm side of the rip, and cast into the rough side, where the fish are feeding.

At home, it’s fun to go out in Eastern Bay, to find birds hitting the water. Seagulls get into a frenzy, feeding on bait fish that are trying to escape the bigger fish below. Casting with a spinning rod is fun. I’m still learning to fly fish, so I’m not sure if I like catching as much as I enjoy trying to get the cast right.

My grandfather was an engineer, avid gardener and fisherman, and amateur photographer - I’d hang out in his darkroom in the basement, with the strong smell of chemicals, and orange glow of the safe light. Many years ago, I found his stash of Maine fishing licenses and framed them for my father, as a gift. Around the same time, I found one of his old fishing lures, which is good for both fresh and saltwater fishing. I wish I knew what he was fishing for – maybe bass, but I can’t be sure. The old lure inspired me to pull out other lures from our tackle box – many that my husband has tied, along with a collection of others that have been used over the years. They’re inanimate objects with a specific use, but in these images they seem to have such personalities.  


print on archival paper
$75 (image 6 x 4)
$125 (image 12 x 8)
$175 (image 18 x 12)
$225 (image 21 x 14
$85 (image 6 x 6)
$125 (image 10 x 10)
$150 (image 15 x 15)

dye sublimation on aluminum, floater frame
$1250 (30 x 20)
$325 (10 x 10)