Rob Skinnon

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Lucy Vincent Beach II 2019 Lucy Vincent Beach II 2019
IG: robskinnon
Cheshire, CT
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Very little gets me more excited than grabbing my gear to explore the backroads of New England, and the beaches of this coastline. I’m lucky to live in a location that enables me to explore my passions for both land and sea.

For me, it’s not entirely about taking photos. It’s about grabbing a cup of coffee and taking a long drive to remote locations, where I can unwind while capturing the tranquility around me. It’s about walking up a long trail to get to a location, getting exercise and being surrounded by nature.

Every so often, I’ll watch a sunrise and not even take a photo. I’m too consumed in watching how fast a shift of colors can transpire. The emotion in my work is about the journey – enjoying the long hauls, even going through physical struggle in order to find peace, and to get the shot. I love exploring, and finding hidden places in New England.

During a seascape shoot, you’ll find me digging my feet into the sand, gripping my tripod tight, crashing waves surrounding me, and talking out loud as I describe the scene in my camera’s viewfinder. I become immersed in my surroundings. When a wave crashes and fills my boots with saltwater, I just ignore it. Often, the ocean feels overwhelming to me. I shoot with a long shutter speed to slow it down and make it feel more peaceful, even if it means I get soaked in the process. 


Small (edition 25): 15x10 - $225
Medium (edition 25): 22.5x15 - $495
Large (edition 10): 33.5x22.5 - $1095

Small (edition 25): 22.5x10 - $325
Medium (edition 25): 33.5x15 - $750
Large (edition 10): 50x22 - $1650

Prints are done with archival inks on archival paper, unframed