Carol Lehrman

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Fruit Study (Figs I), 2021 Fruit Study (Figs I), 2021

IG: carolannelehrman
Larkspur, CA & West Tisbury, MA
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As I weed through life’s chaos, I tend to seek harmony. This has shifted me toward making what I call ‘quiet pictures’ – uncomplicated in shape and form, and sparing with light. Whether photographing nature or still life, I’m drawn to a perspective in its most authentic form. I don’t like complicated things – I’m not a bells and whistles person. So while I don’t strive for any style, simplicity seems to find me.

My recent series, Inertia, was shot at home during the early stages of
the pandemic, while on lockdown. For me, these images reflect the intimacy of working quietly at home, in a small corner by a window with available light.

This past year has reminded me to appreciate where I am, that solitude doesn’t have to be lonely, that simplicity doesn’t have to be ordinary. And that we don’t have to look far for beauty. We simply have to notice it, in all of its manifestations.  


Small: 9x9 - $95
Medium: 15x15 - $150
Large: 20x20 - $295
*Extra Large: 30x30 - $695 
     *(Fruit Study (Figs I) only

Small: 9x6 - $95
Medium: 16.5x11 - $150
Large: 24x16 - $295

Pigment Prints on archival paper, unframed