Emory Petrack

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Birds over Jetty, Provincetown, 2020 Birds over Jetty, Provincetown, 2020

IG: emorypetrack
Somerville & Provincetown, MA
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As a photographer, I chase light. And the light on outer Cape Cod is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It combines with water, sand and sky in magical ways, giving me a sense of calm and a refreshed spirit.

I’ve been traveling to the outer Cape since I was three years old, and photographing its landscapes and seascapes for five decades. Whatever chaos might have been swirling around in our family, I felt both excitement and relief as we crossed over the Sagamore Bridge onto the Cape. My photography draws on the natural beauty of this distinctive area, and a deep appreciation for the peace and serenity that comes through connection with nature.

Nowhere is that serenity needed more than inside a hospital emergency room. As a pediatric emergency physician working with anxious families, I am keenly aware how our lives can, in a moment, become stressful and painful. Through a hospital grant, several of my images now hang on our emergency department walls, helping to reduce the anxiety associated with emergency care.

On a recent sunset shoot at Race Point, the wind was blowing hard. Freezing cold penetrated my gloves, making it difficult to operate my camera. In those conditions, it was painful to work. It reminded me how hard it’s been to do my job during this pandemic, and of the universal challenges everyone has experienced this past year.

Socially distanced from our neighbors, it’s been hard to feel a sense of community. Community is one of my favorite aspects of Provincetown, which is so welcoming and accepting. People of all stripes share appreciation and love of their surroundings. It’s just like nature, which brings together an amazing, colorful variety of elements that survive together no matter the season.

My time on the outer Cape is restorative, still, calm. Photography keeps me anchored in presence, even when surrounded by turbulence in difficult times. 


Aluminum Print
Small: 18x12 - $395
Medium: 30x20 - $895
Large: 36x24 - $1295
Dye sublimation print on aluminum

Pigment Print
19.5x13 - $150
Archival print on matte paper, using pigmented inks