Sarah Bowman

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Morning Juxtapositions Series Morning Juxtapositions Series
IG: sarahbowmanphoto
Los Angeles, CA
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The confines of quarantine led me to challenge all my ideas about creativity. Before the lockdown, I was shooting formal, black and white portraits of women my age. These were mostly friends, and I missed being able to see them, whether at their homes during our portrait sessions, or on social walks in the hills above Los Angeles. Instead, each morning, I headed out alone around the perimeter of UCLA’s campus, with just my dog and my iPhone. I marveled at the empty stadium and quiet corridors where students and doctors and maintenance crews once roamed. The school, and my adjacent neighborhood, were suddenly empty and still.

As weeks turned to months, these walks became my solace. My mind relaxed into the new routines of solitude. I slowed down to explore new routes through campus. I discovered courtyards with magnificent statues, and shaded corners with vines crawling up the wall under hedgerows. Where I previously might have walked by an empty bus bench, my eye was now captured by the faded colors of blue and brown, and the side of the basketball stadium shone a saturated blue and grey. After a rainstorm, a set of steps glistened with green mossy glory. When I would scroll through my feed later in the day, I fell in love with the simple geometry of shadows and light, and the quiet palette of everyday vistas.

Instead of photographing my friends, I was improbably creating intimate portraits of concrete. The luxury of time and space unleashed a new sensibility, a freedom to see anew. Instead of portraits, pattern. Instead of black and white, color. Instead of intention, discovery. From the restrictions of quarantine, a liberation.


Pigment Print
10x10 - $95
Epson Hot Press Bright Fine Art paper, with archival ink, unframed

Metal Print
13.5x13.5 - $395
Dye sublimation print on aluminum, in white wood floater frame

Morning Juxtapositions Series Print
20x20 - $195
Epson Hot Press Bright Fine Art paper, with archival ink, unframed