Jacqueline Abodeely

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Saratoga Springs, NY
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I was born and raised in Worcester, MA, and spent childhood summers on the Vineyard with my grandparents. My grandmother first experienced the Island in the early 1920s as a child, while visiting her maternal grandmother, Edna Harrington Legg Currier. Edna rented cottages in East Chop and was a charter member of the East Chop Beach Club. My grandmother continued this generational love for the Vineyard with her own family and eventually became a permanent resident of East Chop until her death. I cherish the deep connection to the island that my grandmother instilled in me.

Childhood summers on the Vineyard were magical. I would walk the small winding streets of East Chop with my grandmother, and she would tell me stories about her special island memories. I would try to imagine what it was like for her to spend the summer with her grandmother. I dreamt of muggy nights, the sound of the fog horn in the distance, and the warm glowing lights of the cottages with laughter emanating from within. Even as a little girl, I could feel the spiritual presence of island visitors before me.

I grew up an only child, an “old soul,” with the ability to tap into deeper energies through my dream life. I have grown to understand that there are layers of perception and different levels of being in our world. I understand now that energy lingers, and that some people are able to tap into this, while others are not.

Photography provides a way for me to capture this feeling of a dual perspective, where it can be hard to distinguish between reality and the spiritual world. My photos affirm for me that perhaps there is a narrow place where these two visions combine into one.
Sometimes people say my images are “creepy.” They may feel haunting, but they convey my experience of this alternative reality.

These are unexpected images of familiar Vineyard scenes. As my childhood visions connected me with my spiritual familial past, my photographs offer you this dream-like parallel existence, a secret that’s in our everyday world.

Small (rectangle)
print $125 (image 10 x 7)
matted $150 (18 x 14; image 10 x 7)

Medium (rectangle)
print $200 (image 13 x 8.5)
matted $250 (21 x 16.5; image 13 x 8.5)
framed $325 (21 x 16.5; image 13 x 8.5; 4-ply mat, blk metal frame)

Large (rectangle)
print $395 (image 20.5 x 14)
matted $450 (31 x 24; image 20.5 x 14)
framed $650 (31 x 24; image 20.5 x 14; 4-ply mat, black metal frame)

print $95 (image 5 x 5)
matted $125 (12 x 12; image 5 x 5)
framed $175 (12 x 12; image 5 x 5; 4-ply mat, black metal frame)

Custom orders available as matted or print only.
The framed prints on our gallery wall are for sale.
Custom print on canvas also possible – please inquire.