Andrea Dawson

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Pods, Polo Fields 2017 Pods, Polo Fields 2017
Moreland Hills, OH
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“I only went out for a walk, and finally
concluded to stay out till sundown, for going
out, I found, was really going in.”


For the past twenty years, I have worked as a pathologist in Northeast Ohio. I use a microscope to evaluate biopsies of breast tissue. It’s a complex process that combines analysis of “low-power” (overall) patterns, and “high-power” (close-up) details.

I’m fascinated by the “art of medicine,” the subjective decisions pathologists make that are greatly influenced by our unique approaches to patterns, textures and details. Given this focus on visual assessment, photography is a natural extension of my profession. Participating in the Mentorship and Advanced Mentorship program the last two years has been a tremendous opportunity to enhance my expertise, and most importantly learn how to present my unique vision of the world around us.

One piece of advice that photographers are given is to focus on what we know. My Chagrin Valley series literally began in my own backyard. The trees that I see from my back window inspire me to grab my camera from the kitchen table, and venture outside. I’m particularly drawn to shoot from late fall to early spring, when the details of branches, leaves, and tree trunks are not obscured by the dense green of summer. It’s all about pattern, and the play of light and shadow. I view my backyard photos as the “low-power” perspective, highlighting the expanse of colors and textures in the big picture of my world.

Inspired to venture further, I began to explore nearby parks with my camera. In the meadows and woods, I am constantly searching for things to photograph that may initially look uninteresting, but on closer examination present an opportunity to create a stunning image. Using shallow depth of field, I try to capture the beauty of a grouping of leaves against the complex web of patterns in the background. I relate this aspect of my photography to the “high-power” details I analyze at work.

I hope my images illustrate the unique beauty in the most mundane aspects of our natural world – especially in our own backyards. 


All images are limited editions of 20
Printed on Hahnemuhle William Turner Matte Fine Art paper, with archival inks

print only $125 (image 13.5x9)
framed $295 (20x16, 4-ply mat and silver metal frame)

print only $195 (image 19.5x13)
framed $395 (27.5x21, 4-ply mat and silver metal frame)