Stock Photography

All of the images featured on this site are available for licensing purchase. Alison also has extensive files of additional images — please refer to the subject list for the categories to be found in our inventory.

We handle licensing sales directly with the client for the majority of Alison's images. However, some of Alison's photos are available only through Corbis. These select images are part of their "Solus" collection of rights-managed photography.

Requesting Permission to License Images
To ask us about licensing, please e-mail If you are interested in seeing additional images from our files, please e-mail or call Claire at (508) 693-4429. She can e-mail you jpegs of images not pictured here.

Please inquire about pricing. We use FotoQuote software as a guide.

Alison has been licensing her images for over 25 years. You are welcome to take a look at the list of clients who have used her images.