Buying fine art prints for your space

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Customer sent this photo of bathroom wall Customer sent this photo of bathroom wall

Scroll through the slideshow above to see one of the services we offer at Alison Shaw Gallery: we can illustrate how custom prints of Alison's fine art photographs (dye sublimation on aluminum, or paper print with acrylic facemount) will look on your wall, in your space. Once you've decided on one or more images you're considering, send us a photo of the wall (see guidelines below), and we'll virtually "hang" the print, showing you exactly how it will look. This way, you can see how different images feel, and we can fine-tune the size of each custom print to work perfectly in your space.

To send the best photo, an iphone or similar smartphone camera will work well. Ideally, show some context in the photo, around the wall where you'd like a print on canvas or metal – ceiling, floor, surrounding walls will lend scale and dimension to the image, and furnishings will give a sense of color. Ideally, make sure the wall is empty of art or furnishings, although we can "remove" or cover these in photoshop if necessary. If possible, stand directly in front of the wall when you take your photo, to reduce perspective distortion. Send the photo(s) at "Actual Size," via email, to Include your name, and which image(s) you'd like to see in the space.

There should be something measureable in your original photo, that we can use to mathematically determine the size of the finished print. For example, measure between two doorframes, or from the outside edge of a windowframe to the corner of the room. Include your measurements in the email, so Sue can create a custom scale in Photoshop, and properly illustrate the finished art on your wall. 

* This technique works extremely well for custom prints on metal or acrylic facemount. Our standard framed prints are limited editions in specific sizes – it's possible to mock these up in Photoshop as well, with mat and frame drawn in.