Advanced Mentorship group show

Alison Shaw Gallery has only shown the work of its namesake, with one exception. For the last five years, Alison Shaw and partner Sue Dawson have co-taught our 6-month Mentorship program for serious amateur photographers. The Mentorship includes two weekend retreats here on the island, and all other work is done remotely – our students live in diverse locations across the country. Some Mentorship graduates continue on with the year-long Advanced Mentorship, which, in 2015, culminated in a group show of student work. This year marks the second group show for the Advanced program, which will open Sunday, May 6th, with a reception from 4 to 6 pm.

Photographers Lucy Dahl (Edgartown, MA), Jacqueline Abodeely (Saratoga Springs, NY), Beth Horstman (Queenstown, MD), and Andrea Dawson (Moreland Hills, OH) will be at the reception, along with Alison and Sue. The Advanced group has produced a stunning show, with black & white and color fine art photography. Each artist has produced a body of work that illustrates her unique creative voice, and has written an artist statement about the insights and processes that inform her art. Please click the artist names in the left column, and mouseover the thumbnails to see the images, and info about purchasing. 

Click for more info about the Mentorship and Advanced Mentorship programs. We're booking space in both programs now. The next Mentorship will begin in mid-October, and the Advanced Mentorship will begin in July.