Advanced Mentorship group show

This year, it was SO exciting to have the Field Gallery in West Tisbury host our Advanced Mentorship group show. Because of the pandemic, we chose to just do the Advanced program, enabling a larger group than usual. Ten of the eleven participants did the group show (one person was in Europe, and decided not to do the show). 

Here is the virtual tour of our show.

Each artist has produced a body of work that illustrates his/her unique creative voice, and has written an artist statement about the insights and processes that inform their work. 

Please click the artist names in the left column, and mouseover the thumbnails to see the images, and info about purchasing from us at Alison Shaw Gallery, or from the Field Gallery. 

Click for more info about the Mentorship and Advanced Mentorship programs. We're still deciding what the 2021-2022 season will bring, and whether to do both programs this year.