Look Inside

Photographing Martha’s Vineyard

by Alison Shaw
Published by The Countryman Press
Paperback. 7.25" x 9", 112 pages

Whether it's ocean vistas, seashells, shore life, or quaint village life that excites the photographer in you, you'll find plenty of tips and inspiration in this thoroughly informative guide.

“Alison Shaw showing you how to photograph the Vineyard is sort of like Fred Astaire showing you how to waltz.”
    – Martha’s Vineyard Times

"Renowned professional photographer Alison Shaw makes her home on Martha's Vineyard, and in this guide she shows you how even a small area can stay a fresh and dynamic source of inspiration for all. She'll bring you to the Vineyard's most scenic and interesting spots and will help you interpret what you see in your own way, to create photographs you'll enjoy looking at and showing to others for years to come."

    – from the cover of Photographing Martha's Vineyard

"Go to one of Alison's workshops, you'll have a blast.  If you can't get to a workshop, this book will guide you to some of the most photogenic locations on Martha's Vineyard."
    – Andy Nixon, past workshop student, on

“I'm not sure what I love most, Martha's Vineyard or the quintessential photos of the island taken by Alison Shaw. In her new book, a combination of how-to, travelogue and fine-arts escapism, Shaw tells photographers how and when to get the best shots of island life and where to go to capture photographs that express the beauty and charm of this world-renowned place just off Cape shores.”
    – Cape Cod Times