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Peter D. Esser
Smithtown, NY
Workshops: Mentorship 2014-2015; Advanced Mentorship 2015-2016

Seeing the Light
For much of my career I have worked mostly in the dark. As a faculty member in the Radiological Sciences field, I have had the privilege of being a medical physicist at a prestigious university, applying science to medical images. I entered the medical field during the emergence of digital technology, and the development of digital-functional imaging of patients. This was part of the transition from standard x-ray film (and in some cases polaroid pictures) to digital images of radiation passing through the human body. Medically this was a very exciting milestone in processing patient information. We could control contrast, brightness, and even image color after the patient’s exam. The processing of medical images had all the elements of modern photography ­– except artistic creativity.

Now retired, I am pursuing my interest in creative photography. I rejoice in the predominance of sunlight in my life ­– in flowers (especially dahlias), woods, lakes and oceans. I am still drawn to low-light subjects, including the walls in subway stations, which I shoot as abstracts. I am always mindful of the ancient wisdom: “in your light we see light.” I believe that a good photograph can be more than a 2-dimensional representation of the 3-dimensional reality around us ­– it can interact with our inner sense of beauty.

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