Photo by Alison Shaw

This will be Alison’s third time teaching a workshop at the Sun to Moon Gallery in Dallas, Texas. The gallery, located in Dallas’s funky Design District, represents Alison’s work, and doubles as a location for lectures and workshops by many some of the top photographers in the country. Owners Scot and Marilyn Miller are passionate about all things photography, and bring their expertise and welcoming demeanor to all they do.

Dallas is certainly a change of pace from the coastal scenes of Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, but Alison welcomes the new subject matter. Daily photographic excursions will take you to some of her favorite Dallas locations, including the Dallas Arboretum, White Rock Lake, Dallas Heritage Village, Trinity River Audubon, Dallas Contemporary, and the studios of some local artists.

This workshop is geared toward advanced-beginner to intermediate photographers, shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, who have a reasonably good understanding of exposure basics, camera control settings, and their own editing software. As with all of Alison's workshops, you will divide your time between the classroom and the field. Most of your field time is spent as a group, so each participant can receive hands-on help with planning and making photographs on location.

Classroom time will include editing and critiquing your new work. Alison will assist students with editing logistics – particularly as it relates to Adobe Lightroom. In the classroom she'll share lots of information relating to the day’s shoots. Her lectures often include: color and light and how they can magically transform the most mundane subject matter; learning to see in new ways; digital tips and tricks; gear; exposure; color temperature; and composition. Alison swears by Adobe Lightroom, and will share her LR workflow during the workshop.

Beginning in 2003, Alison developed a style of “painting” with her camera, by moving her camera like a paintbrush, creating images that bridge the gap between painting and photography. Alison will inspire you toward a more creative, “fine art” way of seeing, to discover a style that is uniquely yours. Using your digital camera expressively will free you to think outside the box, and give you instantaneous feedback on any new experimental technique you may want to try.

A show of Alison's work will be opening May 21 in the Sun to Moon Gallery, so she will be doing a “gallery talk” sometime during the workshop, addressing any questions you may have about fine art photography.

A couple of bonuses that make this workshop a little different from many of her other workshops (besides the fact that it takes place in Texas!) are that Scot will be working hands-on with Alison throughout the workshop, and Marilyn will be hosting the Thursday and Friday luncheons. Scot is a well-known, highly-regarded, extensively-published photographer, whose work focuses on wild places and open spaces. Scot and Alison will be a great team during the workshop. And as far as the lunches go, you’re in for a really big treat – Sun to Moon workshops have earned a (well-deserved) glowing reputation with their lunch offerings!

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