Beth Horstman

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wye research center 2019 wye research center 2019
Queenstown, MD
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The Snail
His silver trail says follow me 
but slowly - there’s so much to see!


I was raised in Pennsylvania on a small farm. My father was a veterinarian and my mother a talented gardener. My dad died fifteen years ago, and my mom five. I think about them every day. I remember calling Dad one morning: “The cat is having kittens in my closet, what do I do?” He said “Let her have them. It’s ok, she knows what to do.” That was his calming influence. Let nature take its course.

We moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland five years ago, to a farm we’ve converted to organic. We have chickens, a garden, and an heirloom apple orchard that we planted four years ago. Every time I drive down the road toward our farm, I pass the woods, around the curve, and the pastures open up on both sides. Sigh... I can breathe. It feels like home. 

In the ’40s, my father-in-law started a herd of cattle called the Wye Angus. In the ’80s, he donated the farm with the herd to University of Maryland. Now, we live next to that farm, so I like to visit the cows. They begin to calve in January, giving birth in every type of weather, out in the fields. I’ve driven by as calves have just been born, steam rising from their bodies. Things unfold naturally, nature taking its course. 

I go out each afternoon to feed the chickens and let them out to scratch around in the garden. That’s when I collect their eggs, and put them in my mom’s wooden bowl. Mom felt aesthetics were important to self-respect, and that applied to meals. It’s one reason I keep food in mason jars, so it can be set on the table. The little things you do for yourself are good for your soul. 

Out here, there’s an integrity in making sure that everything’s in place, and taken care of. I think this is true for life in general. Whether it’s turning off the lights, recycling, composting, making sure the chickens are safe from eagles and foxes, raising a family. It’s just about trying to be a good human on this earth. I’m drawn to the things that take the least offense to the planet – creatures, plants, trees, old barns. 

Pursuing photography is what has afforded me this pleasure. I’m always looking for the simplest way of showing my subjects, so people can see what I’m seeing, and feel my sense of place. That feeling of driving around the curve, when it all opens up.

Smallest rectangle
print $75 (image 6 x 4)
framed $125 (14 x 12; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Small rectangle
print $150 (image 12 x 8)
framed $250 (20 x 16; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Medium rectangle
print $250 (image 18 x 12)
framed $375 (27 x 21; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Small Square
print $150 (image 10 x 10)

Medium Square
print $250 (image 15 x 15)

Custom orders available as print only; framed prints on gallery wall are for sale.