Brooke Bartletta

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Cabana 2, 2018 Cabana 2, 2018
Hingham & West Tisbury, MA
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Born in the United States and raised in New Zealand and Australia, my upbringing and young adulthood were nomadic. I had an uneasy feeling that I never quite belonged to one place. Whenever I thought about “home,” my internal compass vacillated in different directions.

I have now lived in coastal New England for 18 years, on Martha’s Vineyard and the South Shore. Since 2017, this Mentorship has deepened my connection to New England in a meaningful way. A lifetime traveler, I discovered that one doesn’t have to wander very far to appreciate, celebrate, and honor beauty. This place has seeped into me, become my roots. Almost like weathering a New England storm, that you have to bear it out in a way. And then spring comes, and it’s gorgeous. The beauty is all around me through every season.

My approach is similar to street photographers, always looking for things that are authentic, a little different, sometimes quirky or nostalgic. I’m not the kind of person who’s going to sit at the beach for three hours, and wait for perfect light. I’m on the move – not waiting, but always looking for the shot, going on intuition. I know it when I see it. My images are honest moments, aiming to illustrate the charm, grit, and character of New England. They are an homage to my home, a reflection of who I am.

In capturing these images, I like the idea that a picture is a secret within a secret. I’m not defining it. You are. I’m just showing you a moment that I caught. People hanging out on their porches, folks enjoying the fair, the stories the cabanas could tell. Each image shows one moment, but I feel the legacy of all the moments shared here, by generations of people. There’s a poignancy to it all.

Photography has always played a significant role in my life, but it wasn’t until I joined the Mentorship that I began to push my boundaries and take it seriously. I am particularly grateful for Alison, Sue, my family, and fellow photographers who gave me the confidence to pursue this passion with abandon. What a gift.  


Small rectangle
print $150 (image 15 x 10)
framed $300 (20 x 15; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Medium rectangle
print $225 (image 21 x 14)
framed $450 (29 x 22; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Large rectangle
print $300 (image 29 x 19)
framed $600 (37 x 27; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Small square
print $100 (image 9 x 9)
framed $200 (14 x 14; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Medium square
print $150 (image 12 x 12)
framed $300 (18 x 18; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Large square
print $250 (image 20 x 20)
framed $500 (28 x 28; 4-ply mat, wood frame)

Frames available in black, white, weathered black (as shown in the gallery), weathered gray, and weathered natural, all in sustainable wood.

Printed on 280g matte archival smooth art paper, with archival inks