Rob Skinnon

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Jaws Bridge, Edgartown 2012 Jaws Bridge, Edgartown 2012
Meriden, CT
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Very little gets me more excited than grabbing my gear to explore the backroads of New England, and the beaches of this coastline. I’m lucky to live in a location that enables me to explore my passions for both land and sea, to find places that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For me, it’s not entirely about taking photos. It’s about grabbing a cup of coffee and taking a long drive to remote locations, where I can unwind while capturing the tranquility around me. It’s about walking up a long trail to get to a location, getting exercise and being surrounded by nature. 

Adventure is a big part of my journey. A former baseball player including two years in Italy, and competing in triathlon as an Ironman finisher, I push hard to prove to myself what my body can do. I won’t let little things get in my way. So if I have to scale a cliff, climb steep terrain, or endure frigid cold to get my shot, I’ll do it. I’m not going all this way to turn around and go home. With my photography (and with a race), it’s about trusting the work I’ve put in. I’ll stay out for hours in crazy weather conditions, waiting to get my shot. 

For me, there’s also a deeper side to my photography. Every so often, I’ll watch a sunrise and not even take a photo – I get consumed in watching how fast a shift of colors can transpire. The emotion in my work is about my journey – enjoying the long hauls, enduring physical struggle in order to get the shot. But I’m going to such great lengths in order to find a peaceful place. I’m traveling back roads, pushing my limits, in search of serenity. 

During a seascape shoot, you’ll find me digging my feet into the sand, gripping my tripod tight, crashing waves surrounding me, and talking out loud as I describe the scene in my camera’s viewfinder. I become immersed in my surroundings. When a wave crashes in my boots, and the water’s just sitting there, I stay with it. Even if it means I get soaked in the process. 

It’s very difficult to swim open water for long distances, battling the current. To be honest, the ocean often feels overwhelming to me. So I shoot with a long shutter speed to slow it down and make it feel more peaceful. I push myself through the chaos, to find the calm.

Small Rectangle (edition of 25)
print only $160 (image 15x10)
matted $200 (22.5x17.5)
framed $320 (23.5x18.5)

Medium Rectangle (edition of 25)
print only $240 (image 22.5x15)
matted $290 (30x22.5)
framed $475 (32x25)

Large Rectangle (edition of 10)
print only $465 (image 33.5x22.5)
matted $550 (44x33)
framed $935 (46x35)

Small Panoramic (edition of 25)
print only $200 (image 22.5x10)
matted $260 (30x17.5)
framed $400 (32x20)

Medium Panoramic (edition of 25)
print only $425 (image 35x17)
matted $500 (44x26)
framed $875 (46x28)

Large Panoramic (edition of 10)
print only $700 (image 50x22)
matted $800 (59x31)
framed $1200 (61x33)

Prints are done with archival inks on archival paper. 
Mats are 8-ply, and standard frame is white wood.