Andrea Dawson

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Backyard Spring Fog, 2018 Backyard Spring Fog, 2018
Moreland Hills, OH
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To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.

When poet Mary Oliver passed away recently, I was intrigued by her life story, and her appreciation of the natural world. Then, in one of those weird, cosmic coincidences, my mother sent me Oliver’s book Devotions, two months ago. In a rare interview, Oliver described her childhood in Northeast Ohio: “I don’t know why I had such an affinity for the natural world, except that it was available to me… those first connections were made with the natural world, rather than with the social world.” I feel such a connection to her – through her poetry, as well as my affinity for the natural world that surrounds my home, also in Northeast Ohio.

In my third year of the Mentorship, I’m drawn to the same woods, trails and ponds, over and over again. In late fall to early spring, when the details of branches, leaves and tree trunks are not obscured by the dense green of summer, I venture out with my camera, always wondering if I will continue to find inspiraton. 

Mary Oliver stated eloquently, “When things are going well, the walk does not get rapid or get anywhere.” She describes perfectly that feeling I get, if I’m paying attention. Time slows, and I see the play of light and shadow, the opportunity to create a unique image.

My approach to capturing beauty in nature continues to evolve, in my photography and painting with acrylics. I often am drawn to the expanse of colors and textures in the overall view of my world. I also explore the details – abstracting the patterns in a field of grass, or the petals of a flower. My paintings reflect the same sensibility, drawn from nature. I’ve also begun to paint on the surface of my photographs, adding abstract interpretation with color and texture.

Thanks to Alison, Sue, and my co-students in the Mentorship programs, for their constant inspiration and teaching.

Finally one more from Mary Oliver – “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” I’ll add “Photograph and paint it.” 


Medium Rectangle
print only $95 (image 13.5x9)
framed $300 (20.5x16, 4-ply mat and silver metal frame)

Large Rectangle
print only $150 (image 19.5x13)
framed $475 (27x20, 4-ply mat and silver metal frame)

print only $95 (image 13.5 x 4.5)
framed $275 (20 x 14, 4-ply mat and silver metal frame)

print only $95 (image 7 x 7)

All images are limited editions of 20, unless otherwise noted in caption
Printed on Hahnemuhle William Turner Matte Fine Art paper, with archival inks