Lucy Dahl

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Beauty and the Beast (available as medium rectangle) Beauty and the Beast (available as medium rectangle)

Edgartown, MA
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This past winter, I spent many months living in a safari tent, surrounded by the majestic redwood trees, in Big Sur, California. I had no cell phone, no computer. Just my camera, my notebook and my two dogs. I was on this adventure completely alone. Or so I thought.

As the rains arrived in December, I gravitated to the ocean. I loved to climb the cliffs and stand with my face toward oncoming storms, watching in awe as yesterday’s white horses were now today’s majestic white stallions, their white manes whipping above the sheer force of the stampede as they thundered toward the shore, strengthening as they crashed over the giant rocks in their path and then... that moment... the one between here and there....

The magic... the transparency of another dimenson entirely... Sea Gypsies.

The rains continued, the streams filled, the rivers flowed, and the waterfalls cascaded over wet, shiny rocks on their journeys to wherever they were going.

As I leapt over the slippery rocks and through the babbling brooks, I thought of my childhood. My home was a place where nothing was impossible. Fairies, giants and witches existed all around the fields and forests that surrounded us.

“People who don’t believe in things they can’t see are idiots,” my father would tell us. “Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you that something isn’t, when you know it is.”

And so when people ask me if I was lonely up in Big Sur, by myself, off the grid, for four months, I tell them, “Not at all. It was an amazing adventure.”

Then, my heart does a little cartwheel as I think about the truthful answer. “I didn’t have time to be lonely! I found a whole world of wonderful new friends. A little bit like Alice and Dorothy, Snow White and Wendy, James and Charlie. They were wonderful listeners, they never interrupted, and they loved to have their photographs taken!”

And so it is with great pleasure, I dedicate these photographs to my Father:

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. 



Little Rectangle (dress series, edition of 7)
matted $150 (20 x 15; image 14 x 9)
framed $300 (20 x 15; image 14 x 9; 4-ply mat, black metal frame)

Medium Rectangle (driftwood series, edition of 2)
matted $250 (30.5 x 24; image 22 x 15.25)
framed $400 (30.5 x 24; image 22 x 15.25; 4-ply mat, black wood frame)

Large Rectangle (dress series, edition of 7)
matted $450 (38 x 27; image 32 x 21)
framed $650 (38 x 27; image 32 x 21; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)

Square (edition of 7)
matted $100 (12.75 x 12.75; image 6 x 6)
framed $200 (12.75 x 12.75; image 6 x 6; 4-ply mat, black metal frame)

Printed on Hahnemuhle Etching paper, with archival inks