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Vineyard Summer

Photography by Alison Shaw
Foreword by Richard Reston
Published by Little Brown, Design by Sue Dawson
Out of print. Hardcover and paperback. Available through

A summer vacation in book form — page after page of beautiful color photographs that capture the light, the colors, the mood of summer on Martha's Vineyard.

“The majestic sweep of the Gay Head cliffs, the riotous color of the weekly farmers' market and annual county fair, haunting sunsets over land and sea, salt-air-weathered houses, and white sand beaches are all captured here in evocative detail. Alison Shaw's breathtaking photographs provide the perfect introduction to the Vineyard for those who have dreamed of vacationing here as well as a portrait of the Island that longtime visitors will cherish."
    – from the cover of Vineyard Summer

"There are photographers who travel the world. And there are photographers who travel the world in their backyards. Alison Shaw is one of the latter. On first glance, one might wonder if the Italian printers exhausted their ink stocks with the printing of Vineyard Summer, so rich and intense are the hues. Images jump from the pages in glowing beauty, a tribute to Shaw's sense of light and composition."
    – The Boston Globe

"We have all heard of Martha's Vineyard, the great vacation island. For those of us without the time or opportunity to visit this fabled place, Alison Shaw has produced a book of photos so fine that the viewer feels like a native. Ms. Shaw shows a remarkable eye for color, producing at her best, photographs which are almost impressionistic. ... The photos celebrate life, light and color and have a cheerful, happy feel to them in stark contrast to most of the other work that crosses my desk these days. Photographers need not be pessimists. Apparently Alison Shaw feels the same way."
    – Shutterbug