Look Inside

Kale, Glorious Kale

By Cathy Walthers
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by The Countryman Press
Softcover. 8x8”, 218 pages

This cookbook is the gateway to the greatest green superfood we have. In addition to its health benefits, kale also tastes great, especially when its part of these delicious and inventive recipes from Catherine Walthers.

“With the guidance of bestselling cookbook author Cathy Walthers and the stunning photography of Alison Shaw, everyone can explore the multitude of ways to make delectable and satisfying meals featuring kale.”
   – from the cover of Kale Glorious Kale

“Courtesy of Cathy Walthers and her eye-popping new cookbook, Kale Glorious Kale. Loaded with brilliant ways to grow, buy, cook and eat the buzziest superfood around, the book has been making the rounds in our office as we chomp our way through the dozens of delicious recipes.”
   – Inside Food News