Look Inside

The Chappy Ferry Book

by Tom Dunlop
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by Vineyard Stories
Paperback. 9" x 9", 128 pages

The story of the Chappaquiddick ferry, which travels only 527 feet between two islands, is a history that is nestled into the lifeblood of Martha’s Vineyard, and has been continually marked by drama and hijinks.

“This is the delightful, fact-filled history of one of the shortest, oldest, and most unusual ferries in the country – including the blind man who skippered it for nearly 40 years, the seaplane that struck it in 1937, and the roles it played in the filming of Jaws.”
    – from the cover of The Chappy Ferry Book

“Alison Shaw, in her inimitable style, manages to take a small subject and artistically interpret it in dozens of ways. Each shot is gorgeous, whether it encompasses the entire Edgartown harbor or a tiny detail. A remarkable achievement that once again proves what an enduring talent Ms. Shaw has for capturing Vineyard life and finding beauty in the everyday."
    – Vineyard Gazette

“The Chappy Ferry Book tells an amazing, dramatic, myth-busting, two-hundred-year-old story for the very first time. It is filled with historic photos, many previously unpublished, as well as beautiful present-day images from the Island’s premier photographer. It was written by a man who says he fell in love with the ferry when he was four years old. And what you don’t read in the book, you’ll see in The Chappy Ferry Movie, a short film on DVD (included with the book).”
     – from the cover of The Chappy Ferry Book