Look Inside

Gourmet Gifts

by Dinah Corley
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by The Harvard Common Press
Paperback. 9" x 8", 306 pages

One hundred terrific and original recipes, each paired with an exquisitely crafted and eye-catching wrap or container, make for a lifetime of splendid homemade food gifts for any occasion large or small.

“Good food and generosity – what a wonderful, immediately appealing premise for a cookbook! Tempting is hardly a sufficient word for them, and Alison Shaw’s photographs are feasts for the eye.”
    – David McCullough, Pulitzer-Prize-winning author

“The pages themselves are richly textured, and the photographs are shot by our photographer laureate, Alison Shaw.”
    – Vineyard Gazette

“What gift demonstrates generosity, care, and love more than one that is made by hand? And surely no homemade gift is more appreciated by its recipients than one that is edible. That’s especially true when it’s as pretty to look at and delectable to eat as the ones in Dinah Corley’s sumptuous and practical Gourmet Gifts.”
    – from the cover of Gourmet Gifts

"Martha Stewart's show on the Hallmark Channel is apparently being canceled because of low ratings. What are home cooks looking for creative crafts to do? Well, there's a new book that could come to your rescue.  It's called Gourmet Gifts by Dinah Corley with lovely color photographs by Alison Shaw."
     – Flavors and More magazine

“Dinah Corley’s Gourmet Gifts will inspire anyone who loves giving or receiving presents from the kitchen. And who doesn’t? Her easy-to-follow recipes and creative ideas for unique wrappings and presentations will make gift-giving fun again.”
    – Patrick O’Connell, chef/proprietor, The Inn at Little Washington,
        and author of The Inn at Little Washington cookbook

“This book is a very beautiful reminder that the best gift of all is the gift of food that you made yourself. This is what good cooking is all about, and why it brings us together as friends, as people, and as kindred spirits celebrating the poetry of life.”
    – William Woys Weaver, author of The Christmas Cook and 
       Heirloom Vegetable Gardening