Look Inside

To the Harbor Light

by Brenda Horrigan
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by Vineyard Stories
Paperback. 6" x 9", 96 pages

Lay this book on your coffee table or toss it into your backpack to use as a guide when you go off to discover the joys of lighthouse viewing. Seen through Alison’s lens, the lighthouses take on a life of their own.

“Along with their visual appeal, the lighthouses of the Cape and Islands have a human and technological history that’s rich as a bowl of creamy clam chowder.”
    – Jeremy D’Entremont, lighthouse historian

“Ms. Shaw has the ability to transform a beautiful and familiar subject into a new experience for the viewer.”
    – Martha’s Vineyard Times

“Lighthouses constantly fascinate us. We look at them as links to a romantic past, as sentinels of our shores. And nowhere is there more variety, more history, and more beauty than along the Massachusetts shores of Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Seen through the lens of Alison Shaw, the lighthouses take on a life of their own – caught in the reflection of the water they face, their lights shining against a night sky, their windows ablaze with life.”
     – from the cover of To the Harbor Light

"To The Harbor Light is nothing short of exquisite and we highly recommend it." 
     – Foghorn Publishing

"Readers will be stunned by the images she's captured of what some call 'castles by the sea.'"
     – Cape Cod Times