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Remembrance and Light

by Henry Beetle Hough, Foreword by James B. Reston
Photography by Alison Shaw
Published by The Harvard Common Press
Out of print. Hardcover and paperback. Available through

Alison's first book is a collection of black & white photos of Martha's Vineyard. The images are coupled with essays by the late Henry Beetle Hough.

“Here is the first published collection of Alison Shaw's photographs of Martha's Vineyard, photographs that entrance readers of the Vineyard Gazette in virtually every issue. Her images find their counterpart in the evocative, insightful essays of Henry Beetle Hough, the Gazette's editor for over 60 years; together, they have shaped in Remembrance and Light a remarkable portrait of the legendary island's places, people, and atmosphere."
    – from the cover of Remembrance and Light

“Alison Shaw's magnificent photographs and Henry Beetle Hough's marvelous prose capture all the majesty of a small, nearly unspoiled, island corner of New England.”
    – Walter Cronkite

“For anyone off-island who hasn’t shared the weekly pleasure of appreciating Alison Shaw’s photography in the Vineyard Gazette, her book Remembrance and Light will be a revelation. For anyone who has enjoyed her work in weekly doses, this collection of 84 black and white photographs should be a treasure. In my opinion Alison Shaw is one of the finest art photographers ever to expose a negative on the Cape and Islands. For those who relish the scenic beauty of a deserted winter beach, the noisy passage of a homeward bound trawler and the carefree images of a lazy summer afternoon, Shaw’s work captures the essence of island life.”
    – Cape Cod Times

“If you want to hear pinkletinks and crickets, feel sand between your toes, taste salt on your lips and see sun dance on the ocean, may I suggest reading Remembrance and Light. There is a hauntingly mystical, if not spiritual sense to Alison Shaw’s photography. She manages the balance between creativity and discipline with marvelous skill. What a delight it is to enjoy an adult picture book! The photographs are honest and sincere and as unassuming as the woman herself. They evoke laughter as well as tears; some, like the one of Farm Pond are utterly breathtaking. Others, like those of the sheep in West Tisbury, are full of whimsy.”
    – Catholic Transcript

Remembrance and Light is Alison Shaw’s first book, but surely not her last. I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, but now I feel I know it. It’s hard to decide which is more ravishing, Hough’s prose or Shaw’s photos. He knows the words, she the music.”
    – Yankee magazine

“These two poets, one using verbal imagery, the other black and white, have given us an anthem of praise for our paradise found. Each of us should have a copy on the shelf, taking it down like a tranquilizer when the frenetic reality of summer gets to us.”
    – Vineyard Gazette