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Marian Gurry Stanton
Wayland, MA
Workshops: Mentorship 2014-2015

Ten years ago, with my shiny new 1-megapixel digital camera, I baby-stepped into the world of photography. While tackling the technical side of photography, I became more intrigued by (and maybe even more adept at) taking photographs for the story an image could convey. I began to see that the story could be improved by incorporating the basics of composition, light, exposure and even processing. So I started taking classes, shooting at every chance, and then became the photographer for friends and family. Many cameras, megapixels and photos later, I continue to try to keep up with technology. But now I'm more interested in capturing the the feel of the moments I'm shooting – it's less about mastering all the dials on the camera.

My experience with the Mentorship:
Without a specialty or even a clear direction, I hesitantly began the Mentorship hoping to figure out where I was headed in my photography. I chose to focus on “people photography,” as I have been drawn to following and studying environmental photographers, fascinated by the ability to capture a personality in photos. With direction from Alison, I set out imagining that I was a portrait photographer, with an assignment to capture my subjects in their familiar environments – “doing their thing,” so to speak. Knowing I had to (and wanted to) produce images for our meetings and retreats kept me going, even when I felt a bit overwhelmed. It was tough to keep track of technical details while trying to maintain a relaxed, confident manner in working with my subjects. Alison and Sue managed to provide specific direction, critique, and a gentle push (with a positive spin). They always made me believe that I was doing OK, and with continued effort, could continue to improve. The weekend retreats were invaluable, with the encouragement and feedback from Alison, Sue, and all the participants, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

So now as I move forward, I may in fact be a portrait photographer. Imagine that!

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Alison Shaw, Sue Dawson
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April 30, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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Cape Cod 3-day Weekend

Alison Shaw
September 18-20, 2020
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Martha's Vineyard 3-day Weekend

Alison Shaw
September 25-27, 2020
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