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Gwen Norton
New York City, NY and Martha's Vineyard, MA
Workshops: MV Workshop 2013; Mentorship 2013-2014; Advanced Mentorship 2014-2015, 2015-2016

I'm a work in process, in search of my muse.

My experience with the Mentorship:
I refer to myself as Alison and Sue’s most challenging student. It seems that I have always taken pictures. And though I have taken a few classes, good photos were always a result of luck rather than intention. I took Alison’s workshop and things just fell in place. The Mentorship Program took my photography to another level. Alison and Sue meet you where you are in your skill and interest. They are demanding and have high expectations, constantly challenging me to look at my work with an eye towards improvement. Feedback is clear and helpful. I learned as much from the other students, who have different styles and goals, but are willing to share information, knowledge and thoughts.

I have found real joy in my photography. I can be critical of my own work without feeling defeated.

Workshops at a Glance

Focus on You

Alison Shaw, Sue Dawson
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Sharpen your Focus:
Taking your work to the next level

Alison Shaw, Sue Dawson
October 5, 2020 –
April 30, 2021
* cancelled *
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Staying in Focus

Alison & Sue
July 27, 2020 -
June 11, 2021
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Cape Cod 3-day Weekend

Alison Shaw
September 18-20, 2020
* cancelled *
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Martha's Vineyard 3-day Weekend

Alison Shaw
September 25-27, 2020
* cancelled *
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