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Estelle Disch
Cambridge, MA
Workshops: Maine Media Workshop 2013; Mentorship 2013-2014; Advanced Mentorship 2014-2015, 2015-2016

My current photographic work is digital, focused on abstract geometrical
designs, bright colors, texture, and a sense of mystery. I manipulate
my own photographs via Photoshop, sometimes rendering the originals unrecognizable. The finished images often look more like paintings than photographs, with unique layering and texturing. Frequently I shoot with future transformations in mind, although I often simply experiment. I like to focus on details such as peeling paint, a single window, or reflections on water. I later turn such details into colorful abstract art. I have had images accepted in twelve juried competitions, and have had 4 images selected for book covers. I have had two solo shows and one two-person show and have another solo show scheduled for November 2014.  

Photography on display:
Beetlebung, Oak Bluffs MA

My experience with the Mentorship:
The mentorship with Alison and Sue helped me in many ways. I put a greatly-improved web site together with their help. I got help redesigning my business card and other promotional pieces. I got a professional-looking portfolio together so that I can now comfortably show my work at portfolio reviews and galleries. I was encouraged by Alison, Sue, and many members of the mentorship group to keep doing what I do, even though it is a long stretch from traditional photography. And I got a lot of help deciding which images worked and which didn’t. The trips to Martha’s Vineyard were fun and very useful, especially the help we offered each other.

What would you say to people considering taking the Mentorship?
Alison and Sue meet people where they are, whatever their level of skill or focus. They offer constructive opinions regarding what works and what doesn't, and help each person move forward in her or his own way. They deliver their feedback with caring and humor but they don't pull punches. We all got honest feedback that we could take or leave. Most of us happily took all of it. I highly recommend this program.

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