Lucy Dahl

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Betrayed Betrayed

Edgartown, MA
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I found the Black Dress stuffed in the back of a dusty junk shop in East London. The rather grumpy cockney owner was reluctant to let me buy it.

“It’s an original from the 1920’s. I’ve ’ad it for 40 years and I wont let no one ’ave it, unless it fits. And it won’t fit you.” 

“Please may I try it on?”

“No. Too many big girls like you ’ave tried to stuff themselves into that dress and I’m not ’aving it.”

“Is the dress for sale?” I decided to ignore the insult.

“Were Dorothy’s ruby slippers for sale?”

After four hours, many cups of tea and remarkable, heartbreaking stories of her younger days, I walked out of the shop with the Black Dress under my arm. A gift, with just the promise that I would always keep it, and send her a photo every time I wore it.

I returned to London a few months later, and headed back to the junk shop with some snapshots. I knew she would be pleased. I had worn the Black Dress to a glamorous event, and I was proud to show her the exciting life her dress was living. 

When I arrived, to my great sadness, the junk shop was gone. My friend had gone, all of her junk and treasures were gone… and my life was about to change…

The north and south winds met where the house stood,
and made it the exact center of the cyclone.
In the middle of a cyclone the air is generally still. 

FRANK BAUM, The Wizard Of Oz


All images are limited editions of 7
Printed on Hahnemuhle Etching paper, with archival inks

matted $150 (20 x 15; image 14 x 9)
framed $300 (20 x 15; image 14 x 9; 4-ply mat, black metal frame)

matted $450 (38 x 27; image 32 x 21)
framed $650 (38 x 27; image 32 x 21; 8-ply mat, black wood frame)