7th year! 
The 2019-2020 Mentorship program is your opportunity to work more closely with Alison, Sue, and our team. 


PDF Download: Details and Registration Information

Alison has been teaching week-long workshops for over 25 years, and has taught over 1000 students in locations around the world. If there's one piece of constructive feedback we've gotten the most, it's that students wish they had more one-on-one time with Alison. We're happy to now offer exactly that – and so much more. 

We're so excited about spending more time with you. If you've been thinking about deepening your understanding of photography, developing a portfolio, marketing your work, designing and publishing a book, or just getting back in touch with your creativity, this is for you!

Here's what you'll get:

FOCAL POINT TOOLKIT – Set goals, and track your progress through the Mentorship. This sets your intention for the six months, and creates the velocity for your experience.

YOUR OWN PASSWORD-PROTECTED PAGE – You'll have your own page accessible via our website, where you can find all program info, upcoming appointments you've scheduled, your list of goals, downloadable notes from your calls with us, and a personalized to-do list for your reference

SEVEN CALL HOURS with ALISON – These calls will be all about you and your work – developing your own unique creative style, staying consistent and keeping focused. You’ll send Alison jpegs of your latest work before each call. During the call, you’ll see her screen live on your computer, as you both discuss your photos, and she makes suggestions shown in Adobe Lightroom. Learn how to be your best editor, get custom training, feedback, motivation, and brainstorm ideas. Alison will give you customized assignments that will keep you inspired, and define your next steps toward your goals.

FOUR CALL HOURS with SUE – Get an Art Director/Gallery Owner’s eye on your body of work, and advice on your portfolio, graphic identity, website, book ideas, writing, and marketing. Sue's signature Intuitive Interview will help you identify what makes your photography distinctly your own. Discovering what drives your creative work helps you write and talk about your unique motivation, and gives you a framework for your creative process as you pursue your work. 

SEVEN TRAININGS – Our in-depth trainings cover a number of topics, which have included: getting in touch with your deepest creative self; writing an artist statement and bio; marketing your work; communicating with galleries, and having a show of your work; Alison’s digital workflow; publishing a book of your photography; and a fine art printing Q&A with a master printer.

TWO 2-DAY RETREATS on MARTHA'S VINEYARD – Experience the island off-season, when all the locals can relax and truly enjoy this unique place. Starting with a Friday-evening drinks and hors d’oeuvres get-together, and culminating in student Masterminds on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll meet other students, learn a lot, and have the unique opportunity to get feedback from the group. Develop your artist statement, body of work, and project ideas with the support of other artists. Alison shares openly about her process, and Sue brings her designer's eye to the discussion.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – This is a great opportunity for feedback and technical support, from all past and present Mentorship students. Post your photos and questions, and get feedback, answers, and encouragement on your progress. Sue and Alison monitor the group page regularly.

20% OFF IN THE GALLERY – For the duration of the Mentorship, you’ll get our best discount on all fine art prints, books, posters, and cards.

YOUR WORK ON OUR WEBSITE – Take advantage of our international audience. After the Mentorship ends, we’ll post a photo of you, your artist statement, and a slideshow of your best work during our six months together, with a link to your website if you have one.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about whether the Mentorship is right for you, call Sue at 508-693-4429. 

Maximum 9 students

* We also have a 10-month Advanced Mentorship program, for students who've taken our 6-month Mentorship. If you've had a gallery show, have your own website, and a portfolio of your work, you can apply to go straight to the Advanced Mentorship. Requires submission of 12 images, website url, artist statement, and CV. Ask Sue for details.

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Focus on You

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